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THE BIG SALE Ticket - Friday, June 26, 2020

THE BIG SALE Ticket - Friday, June 26, 2020

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Each ticket is for one person (space is limited and we have strict social distancing guidelines that we must follow). When you purchase a ticket, you will get an order confirmation but not a “ticket” via email or mail. Your name will be on a list at check in. If you purchase multiple tickets they will be at the check-in under your name (Example: Jane Smith Party of 4)

We sell 8 tickets per hour and each appointment is at the top of the hour.  Please plan to arrive on time, at 20 minutes after the hour, tickets from no-shows will be given to a “walk-up” (if there is one).  At 45 minutes after the hour we will make a last call and you must be checked out by 50 minutes after the hour.  At that point, we will close the door and disinfect the store until the next group comes inside.

We love to be accommodating but - during these weird times, we have to implement some rules:

- Please plan to bring your own bags (we won’t have them or sell them) and be prepared to carry anything you purchase to your vehicle.

- We don’t have boxes for many items nor will we wrap anything purchased at the sale. Items purchased in the sale cannot be added to delivered wedding gifts for our registered couples.

- Unfortunately, we will not be able to open our restroom to the public and we aren’t able to let you try on clothes in our dressing room.

- There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges. Tickets are not refundable or transferable.

We encourage you to wear a mask (this one is your call but...if the state of Oregon implements a mask requirement between now and then, we will be forced to enforce it) and practice social distancing so everyone can have a relaxed shopping experience. If you are ill - please don’t attend.

We take cash, checks or cards.  We will not hold items, we will not allow early shopping and we won’t offer layaway during the sale. When you arrive on time, you will be given a $5 gift card (off a minimum $25 purchase) to be used at the event. One gift card per ticket.

After reading all these rules - you may be wondering what we can allow.  This is going to be an amazing event.  The circumstances of this year have forced us to mark down items that we have never marked down before.  The deals are great - we will all have smiling faces (under our masks) and we can’t wait to see you.  WE MISS OUR CUSTOMERS!!!💗